for a better work

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world”.

John Lennon


Improving people’s experience, satisfying their needs, sharing knowledge, improving relations, facilitating and guaranteeing excellence and consistency in the service levels offered, as well as the best working conditions. There is only one way to increase people’s commitment and efficiency levels:

You must work non-stop to make them happy.

The pillars of our world, the world as we know it, are beginning to crack so we need to change the way we work.


Our work experiences have broken out of their moulds.

Our work is no longer tied to the duties, space and time in which it occurs, but rather to the goal we intend to achieve.

We believe reality should essentially become one with digital technology, because its fundamental contribution is not to create an alternative and virtual representation of the world, but to propose an “enhanced” reality which requalifies and improves access to real life, enriching the experience to make it intense, of quality and all encompassing.

Therefore, it is not the quantity and quality of the technology being used which lie at the heart of the digital transformation, but its ability to generate collisions and share relationships.





The working day was rigidly divided into three 8-hour sections – work, private, leisure – unable to communicate and introduced by unchanging, grey rites of passage (badge, leave, etc.)


Time has become fluid and our work has now been broken up into micro-moments where we can organise and vary the access to fit in with our needs.




The office had rigid boundaries, solid walls defining the perimeter and the organisation in which the entire work activity was carried out.


““The office” is no longer a three-dimensional space where duties are decided and allocated, but a multi-dimension place in which to cooperate and share.




The “boss” was the figure who necessarily defined production tasks, rhythms, needs and methods. 


The bond moves gradually from the task to the goal, from execution to co-responsibility.

We are immersed in the digital transformation of reality. We must now learn to populate it. Living in this new physical-digital environment is still neither customary nor ordinary for the worker. The work activity is now freed from constraints but divided into a series of micro-moments.

In order to grasp all the opportunities available it is necessary to forge a new narrative plot of the work experience with a person-centric approach, a journey through the needs of both the customer and the people committed to meet their expectations every day. 
We believe that the thrust towards a new generation of physical-digital services capable of learning and adapting to the needs of people and of the operating environment through a platform that always makes available places, technologies and the organisational arrangements apt to best perform the work activity, is at the base of this new approach.


eFM supports the experience of inhabiting engaging places by connecting the needs of people and the levels of services necessary to satisfy them, in real time. ’esperienza di abitare engaging places connettendo in tempo reale i bisogni delle persone ed i livelli dei servizi necessari per



The reconnection between the platform and the employee experience is guaranteed by a personal digital assistant that accompanies the worker in this multidimensional context making him capable of reducing the multiplicity of existing relational levels (spatial, digital, behavioural) to a single collaborative experience, so to find his way through the sea of connections, contaminations and collisions that the digital transformation of reality makes available. 




Thanks to the everyday work on the harmonious relationship between the physical and the virtual world, and on the redevelopment of analogue experience through digital means, eFM designs, realises, manages - in a word - supports the experience of living engaging places, efficient, comfortable and intelligent environments that allow an immersive and fulfilling work experience, capable of generating engagement with oneself and with the organisation of which one is part. 




In a liquid context that frees up great opportunities, organisations are enabled to structure dynamic places capable of sustaining the working experience of solid people as they are reconnected with the wealth of contents and relationships available in such a liquid context. 



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