FIOCRUZ Campus (Brazil): We Sustain engaging Places for a better health!

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A common vision and goal between client and contractor: that is the logic through which eFM LATAM is deploying the project for the management model implementation in the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation Campus.
Among his duties, FIOCRUZ, which is an affiliated company of the Health Ministry, has to ensure the Brazilian people health and well-being.

After a few months of work, last week Daniele Di Fausto and Michele Tarquinio, from the Italian eFM HQ, together with Paolo Polliere and Alessandro Baghin, from the Brazilian eFM Offices, were received by the project coordinator, the Department of Architecture and Engineering (DAE) in Rio de Janeiro, to discuss about the future activities and to improve their knowledge about involved stakeholders.

The project focuses on mapping the processes and the entire building/plant system and analyzing the organization. This mixed vision is aimed at creating an information system that enables real-time monitoring of the asset condition, grating its continuous operation and availability, to the benefit of Brazilian citizens.

This is an important project for eFM, as it is the first Brazilian PA client and also because it matches perfectly our “digitization” process to improve the real estate availability and enhance the well-being of patients and users in general in all environments.

As it is the case for this project, eFM started with the real estate digitization,  and is now exploring the use of wearable devices to digitize experiences.
We can continuously gather information about people’s activities and psycho-physical state during the day, anonymously linking the data together and relate them with the spaces.
That information is recorded in a Digital Diary and is used to improve people’s awareness, giving them tailored suggestions aimed at improving daily experiences and choosing the right space for their activities.

Speaking of engaging experiences, the pictures show a few snapshots of our eFM colleagues’ tour to the Castle, during which they saw the Towers, enjoying the “Castle of Inspirations” exhibit and diving a bit more in the history of Oswald Cruz and the Foundation.




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