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Rome / Saarbrücken, 24 May 2022 - The international company eFM, provider of digital services through data platform, is entering the German market with the merger of the software implementer Archibus Solution Centers Germany (ASC-DE) from Saarbrücken. eFM is thus expanding its global presence, which already includes nine branches in Europe, Asia, the USA and South America. The two companies offer a platform for commercial real estate in the sense of a "digital twin": In addition to the BIM planning data, the platform also incorporates all building-relevant data for asset, property and facility management. Tenants can also configure their commercial space according to individual needs and manage it cost-efficiently. The types of use mapped include the entire spectrum of the commercial real estate segment with offices, hospitals, retail, laboratories and corporate properties.


By 2024, EFM and ASC-DE plan to grow to +50% customers and +30% employees. Daniele di Fausto, CEO of EFM, comments: "In our global search for strong partners, we have identified ASC-DE as an excellent addition to our building ecosystem. This will allow us to bring together all the data that arises in the planning and management of commercial real estate. We offer to all the stakeholders, including landlords and tenants, not only data transparency, but also an effective tool with calculations and recommendations for action." In the last two years, EFM has doubled its global turnover. The main driver for this was the Corona pandemic, which brought efficient building management into focus in view of office vacancy rates of up to 80 per cent. Christian Kaiser, Managing Director of ASC Germany, explains: "In order for their staff to return to the office, property owners and tenants need attractive and at the same time efficiently managed space. With our solution, we show how the respective spaces can be operated in the most cost-efficient way. In doing so, we bring all ecosystem partners together under a common user interface that interfaces with all common ERP systems."


With the "Hubquarter" program, EFM and ASC-DE are expanding their solution portfolio from the digital twin to the digital quarter. To this end, the companies are already in negotiations with suitable cooperation partners such as insurance companies or mobility providers. The goal is to bring "Hubquarter" to market maturity in Europe before the end of this year.


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