The new eFM logo:
the picture of a relationship





eFM is the first Italian corporation to have adopted a dynamic and data-driven approach for its brand identity.


Even though they are very articulate (from the maintenance ticket to booking spaces, progress of the projects, right up to the ‘always-on’ analysis of the engagement, etc.), the operations on which eFM works – which the new logo demonstrates in real time – are essentially those which define living new experiences (work, learning, culture, health etc.) 


in engaging places, which can welcome, enhance and favor relations for the people living them.

Our logo has the indisputable form of a place – the City, the place of places – and the dynamic horizon of relations which inhabit it and which are continuously evolving.

In fact, each city has its symbolic skyline established in time (the Colosseum for Rome, the Eiffel Tower for Paris, the Statue of Liberty for New York, etc.) which also represent an ever-changing, emotional and dynamic horizon, which speaks of intertwined relations, which are alive, complex and connected, but never the same as the prior ones. Today we can only imagine, 



To define its new brand identity, eFM has chosen the skyline of a new city founded on engaging places.



Relations are the purpose of eFM’s work.

Interaction first: being a platform means creating an environment which can support and favor relations between different parts. 







The information that passes on the platform leaves a trace of this relation, adaptively designing the border, the outlines, a form which is always new. 
The goal is to communicate the organization of the system to encourage interactions between structures and individuals - inside and out – rather than hierarchical disciplining and pre-established devices  
The company becomes an “undertaking”, a stage able to welcome and enact relations.  


The ability to connect different realities in a constant, transparent, effective and responsive manner constitutes our identity’s profile, an image of a relation designed by the interactions which bring to life engaging places. Each day.

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